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How to predict weather without instruments

October 14, 2010

These are great things to know, not as accurate as weather channel , but great when your camping or hiking.


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  1. i use my nose and my can usually smell rain before it comes and the shape and consistency of clouds can tell you what the general conditions will be like, arrrrrr

  2. Neat, man. I'm definitely saving this to my HD when I get home.

  3. that's usefull, but many facts are obvious

  4. i already knew most of that, but good info for those who don't.

  5. This is pretty cool man

  6. Never understood why people needed widgets that tell their current local temperature & weather. I mean, YOU'RE THERE. IT'S NOW.

  7. Pretty cool man!

  8. Perfect post!Supportin;)

  9. awesome, i can return my super expensive weather predicting equipment and buy a porsche

  10. Pretty neat id say.

  11. that's pretty useful info thnx

  12. you dont need a weather man to tell which direction the wind blows

  13. Nice info to have if you go camping for sure.

  14. nice, I like what I see!

  15. This is great!

  16. this is neat, going to print it out for the next hiking trip!

  17. useful thanks =D

  18. this is truly amazing.. I'm stealing this 😛

  19. too awesome dude

  20. Neato shit right there.

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