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Make a burner from pop cans.

October 15, 2010

I do this just about every time I go camping, works great for eggs and such in the morning.


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  1. HAHAHA Thats awesome

  2. I will try this!

  3. i tought u was going to build a bomb lol xD

  4. this is useful

  5. haha niceI will try it

  6. that is damn thrifty. thanks!

  7. i'm going to try this out next time! 🙂

  8. lol as a college student this can be very useful to me.

  9. hope i never NEED this info.

  10. awesome postage

  11. This is awesome, keep it up !

  12. Not too difficult. As long as you have your precision knife!

  13. nice… when you're done, toss it into the campfire…

  14. Wow, that may come in handy.

  15. next time i go camping i'm going to try this.

  16. damn thats smart, who came up with this idea?

  17. remembering this for armageddon or zombie apocalypse

  18. i'm going to do this next time i go camping.

  19. old content is old.

  20. I'm glad I came across this blog. I love informational posts like this.I'll have to try it sometime.

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