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How to tell time with the sun

October 16, 2010

Never really had to use this, but its great to know in case your watch and cellphone suddenly stop working at the same time.


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  1. finally i know it! ty man!

  2. nice I'm going to try this tonight :p

  3. gonna do it when the sun comes back 😦

  4. WOW this is really cool way to tell time ! :OI'm saving this !

  5. cool story Bro!;)

  6. This is awesome, keep it up !

  7. this is wery useful sometimes 😀

  8. I was going to try this, then I moved to the city ):

  9. with out a doubt the most useful blog ever

  10. Very cool, nice find

  11. wow that is freakin awesom… works at every lattitude?

  12. THX no need for clock now

  13. Awsome, really useful if you don't have a watch

  14. I love these. I'll def be coming back here daily to check for new ones 🙂

  15. If this works… we will never need watches!

  16. cool… ima try this…

  17. I'm going to try this today

  18. i hope this works!

  19. I tried this, but I think my fingers are a bit too chubby for accurate results! LOL

  20. already seen this. very good info graphic. came in handy soo many times

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