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Make your own Febreze

October 16, 2010

With the cold months storming in, and it inevitably being time to shut the windows and doors and turn on your heat, It’s been my experience without that constant flow of fresh air that your home can get a wee bit odorous.

OK it can get down right stinky! Especially if you share your home with a big dumb boxer and a love for backyard campfires.

With the state of the economy and heat costing well over a Bagillionzillion dollars a month. I try to save every penny I can. I love the fresh scent Febreze leaves , but it cost more than 5 dollars PER BOTTLE. I have been using this cheap alternative for months now and I can say it works just as good.

What You Need:
1/3 cup White Vinegar
1/2 cup Liquid Fabric Softener
3 cups Water
Spray Bottle

Combine all ingredients in the spray bottle and shake!
Vinegar is a great deodorize, use more or less depending on your needs and don’t worry the vinegary smell dissipates very quickly leaving nothing but the nice fabric softener scent.

  1. thanks, i'll try to make it

  2. inb4 lawsuit

  3. wow thats it?? id never imagined it would be that easy

  4. thanks, nice advice

  5. I use vinegar as a cleaner around the house, but I never thought of adding fabric softener as well. I'm not sure if I would try that under normal circumstances, considering all the unnecessary chemicals that are added to it, but your post has made me curious. I think I might try this soon, especially after my pets start making a mess again.

  6. awesome this will come in handy

  7. febrezeeeeeee

  8. Unless I bundle up, I'll be smoking indoors this winter. I'm going to be needing this later.

  9. i'm going to try this out!

  10. Will be trying, my apt smells bad right now

  11. interesting. May try it once my current bottle runs out.

  12. I will be trying this. Thanks for saving my money from the industrial complex!

  13. awesome, ill try it out sometime haha

  14. interesting, I like this… keep up the good work

  15. Interesting I might have to try this

  16. goooodness=)

  17. i usually just get the "offbrand" febreze. gotta give this a shot.

  18. hehehhe OK!

  19. interesting, although i would be afraid my clothes smell like vinegar

  20. I prefer buy it ;D

  21. may have to try this!!!

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