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How to pick the best airplane seat

October 17, 2010

When I was younger there was no such thing as picking your airline seat. You just got that seat that goes along with your ticket, Now with the innovations of e tickets and online payments its common practice to let us costumers pick our preferred seat. This chart is great to find your optimal seats based on what you want to do while you are flying. For the most part I agree with all of them.


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  1. ok now i need a guide "how to craft a bomb" 😀

  2. make me happy, nice things do.

  3. Interesting guide.

  4. thnaks man

  5. that's really useful

  6. If i ever fly on a plane ill refer to this. I believe the seats near the cockpit should be labeled "Best spot spot for terrorism"

  7. this should come in handy

  8. Cool thanks for the tips, going on holiday/vacation soon

  9. i remember crying when i couldnt have the window seat, i was 5 ;(

  10. handy little chart!

  11. I was in a plane 3 times only .. and every time i was sitting next to window 😀

  12. omg i never thought about this, so true

  13. bulkhead seats it is then!

  14. great info i fly all the time!

  15. nice topic, i'll use it next time i fly 😀

  16. So useful! Thanks for loving my blog im humping yours right now

  17. too bad the flights i go to have assigned seats… still great read!

  18. If I had a lot of money, first class window seats every time.

  19. This is awesome, keep it up !

  20. This is sweet!

  21. Can't decide on if I'd want a seat I could sleep in, or a seat I could survive a crash in.Woe is me!

  22. Haha nice chart. Will gladly follow this when I go on my flight back home 😀

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