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How to cook beef

October 18, 2010

This beef cheat sheet is an amazing reference,especially for those of us who haven’t been cooking since birth.

  1. gnammmmmmm :OOO i love beef!

  2. I love bbqing me some tri tip. suppin and clickin

  3. I'm hungry all of the sudden 😀 😀

  4. mmm i love beef.

  5. beef is the best

  6. Err, I'm hungry all of a sudden.

  7. Now i'm starvingGood information my friend

  8. mmmm hungry

  9. you sir are a gentleman and a scholar

  10. i had to read it all the way through. good stuff!

  11. footfootfootfoot

  12. mmm… beef…

  13. well now i feel like eating a nice juicy steak…

  14. i need beef now :S

  15. Will tell my mom!

  16. Now if I only had a grill I would totally make some steak haha.


  18. Why thank you. This will help me with my hamburger helper tonight.

  19. Useful information

  20. I'm not good enough to cook beef, not even with this information 😛 I'm such a terrible cook! :O

  21. mmm yea id like a stake now

  22. I'm loving all of your protips! 😀 I feel like more of a pro at life every day!

  23. I did try some tips from here ! thanks 😀 😀

  24. Whenever I go to those Steak restaurants and they ask me what cut I want I just point and say, "that one." heh.Thanks, now I won't look stupid when I'm hungry.

  25. I just had beef =]

  26. Wow this is pretty good definitely saving and reblogging

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