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Types of Girls to Avoid

October 19, 2010

This is an incomplete list in absolutely no order of the types of girls to avoid when looking for a relationship.

Girls who claim to be “crazy” , but do not see a psychiatrist or take meds
People who refuse treatment don’t belive that they have a mental disorder, if a girl brags or blames her rage on a psychiatric disorder its due to her being immature and seeking attention. If a girl has a legitimate disorder she is find to date, just make sure you understand her condition before hand.

Girls who drink to much
There is nothing wrong with a girl that likes to have fun, but girls who drink/drug every chance they get will leave you the minute something (or someone) else seems more fun.

Self proclaimed “Gamer Girls”
This goes for girls that are overly enthusiastic about anything that is typically a guy thing especially if they chose to define themselves by it. They are doing this for no other reason than to attract male attention, because they know that their personality is shit. Do note there is a big difference between “Gamer Girls” and girls who game.

Girls in a completely different stage of their life than you
Its better to choose to date someone who is in a similar stage of their life than you, if not , you will both have to make a lot of sacrifices to make things work, and if it doesn’t work out in the end it was all for nothing.

Girls who hook up
You know who I am talking about and you know why you shouldn’t date them. As hard as it is to resist you have to keep it in your head, If it is this easy for you, it is this easy for everyone else.

Please feel free to comment and add to this list.

  1. The last one is always so tempting. I should be happier with my girlfriend and never think of them

  2. haha so true. sooo true. i think i have met all of them

  3. fantastic post man

  4. i know someone who was all of those things at once.

  5. Nice dude

  6. I know a lot of girls that meet most of those

  7. mmm true. I tend to be more attracted to girls that are attracted to me, and are willing to make an effort to get me.

  8. Very True Totally agree

  9. this is a good list

  10. I avoid every type

  11. great list and very true. also lol @ immafrog's comment

  12. hate the proclaimed gamer girls.. like yea i'm a girl mmhmmm.. we don't care

  13. that's interesing

  14. This is print worthy.

  15. Ah, a little of all of that makes someone dandy though. Extremes are what you look out for.

  16. yep my gf is just a "girl who games"…god i love her and you are absolutely dead on about the ones who drink too much…the bar is good for a quick lay but u never know what u might be getting yourself into by bringing one of them home

  17. my gfriend is all of the above….wwaaaahhhh

  18. Haha some of these made me laugh, great tips man πŸ™‚

  19. thats a good list but dont these types of girls have any pros?

  20. So trooAll girls suck. Girls are gay

  21. self proclaimed gamer girls r usually traps

  22. Totally true

  23. this is great info, a lot of teens should read this before asking out any chicks? Think you got an alternate list of boys to avoid?

  24. i gotta agree with the last one, they are the ones that might hurt you the most

  25. This is very good advice – I have dated girls who met the first and second categories, and it did not go very well at all. I'm glad others can be warned off these mistakes, though of course younger folks think that their love is special and such advice isn't relevant to them.

  26. Good list, man! Girls make me sad 😦

  27. Let's be gay πŸ˜€

  28. Wish I'd seen this list before I dated my last couple GFs. Thanks for the post. Haha

  29. "Girls who hook up," aka DTF. i'm sure you can figure it out

  30. really nice advices.. to bad I made mistakes in my life and dated every single one of those examples >.<too bad mens can't stop thinking with dicks πŸ˜€

  31. I dunno, 'avoid' is a big word. Simply have a short termed contact with would be good enough ^^

  32. you missed lesbians xD

  33. I agree with this. Especially the last one. Lust is destructive at times.

  34. LOVE content! keep the randies flowing in !! its BOMB

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