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Acupuncture for Dummies

October 21, 2010

This is a great acupuncture point reference, and I use it all the time to help relive headaches and general well being.


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  1. I don't know if I'm comfortable pricking myself with needles lol. Great guide nonetheless

  2. Do you think it will be dangerous to prick myself, after only reading this guide?

  3. wow now i know how to defeat headache :DDD

  4. Cool story bro!;)

  5. Just apply pressure need need to prick!

  6. I prefare a good spliff to acupunture, but that's just me…

  7. Thanks, I'm interested in it!

  8. So applying pressure works????

  9. this actually works ! I've used it several times 😀

  10. interesting never done that

  11. Interesting post, don't think I have what it takes to needle myself quite literally..

  12. so where should i point to go into space lol?

  13. Interesting. Next time I get an ache of some sort, I'll be sure to refer to this!

  14. neat, I need to get a girl to massage me.

  15. cool picture, def saving this on my computer

  16. This is great!

  17. Going to give this a shot. If it works, you're my hero.

  18. hmmmmm i wonder if this works

  19. am scared to try this

  20. Ummm… I could never do this to myself. Haha

  21. this is cool, but im not sure if I should do it on myself first. better test it out on a friend first !

  22. Nice, I was looking for something like this.

  23. Dood nice posts, I do weekly life hacks. Gj on providing so much tips.

  24. thank you for these tips i should attempt it sometime.

  25. That's interesting, I should print this out and open my own clinic!

  26. ah.. that's random, keep it up.

  27. Always wanted to know how this stuff works.. Ancient chinese knows all

  28. Nice helpful chart guide 😀

  29. Not going to poke myself!

  30. sweet diagram, im gonna try this out later. following

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